Prismatic Vodka by RiKD. Logo copyright: Rik Davnall

About the Artists


Writes: Prismatic Vodka and Zobbo the Gobbo
Co-writes: Purple Glitter Chibi Society and Little Heart
Draws: Prismatic Vodka and Zobbo the Gobbo

In the beginning, there was Rik (that's me, by the way). And Rik looked into the darkness of
the web and said 'let there be a very strange webcomic!' and lo, there was... well, nothing
much happened for a long time, since when I first attempted to draw a comic roughly a year ago,
my artistic ability could be generously described as 'minimal'. A string of strange ideas
followed, most of which I hope to return to at some point. Then, towards the end of summer
this year, I hit on an idea it seemed I could manage; Prismatic Vodka, the story of a man
who wakes up and finds he's a cat, a magic bottle of vodka, an alien and an albino black
bear. Zobbo the Gobbo followed from bored scribblings done in a politics lecture (well, ok,
it could have been an ethics lecture; I was too busy scribbling to notice what I was
supposed to be learning ;) ). Little Heart was actually the first comic I ever tried my hand
at, but only became feasible when Helen offered to draw a comic for me shortly after I
started work on PV.

Anyway, what about me? I'm a philosophy student at Liverpool university (in England), which
means I qualify in the top bracket of genuine lazy-ass arts students. Yes, my degree won't
be worth much when it comes to a career, but I won't have spent three to five years doing
nine-to-five education and being unable to go out during the best years of my life. I love
being at uni 'cuz of the freedom it allows me to just kick back and do whatever I want.

My big interests are epic fantasy in all its guises, anime/manga (particularly Mecha),
writing, playing piano and guitar, and roleplay-gaming (not the computer kind, the real kind
with dice and rulebooks and stuff). In other words, I'm a pretty hardcore nerd. I read over 100
webcomics, haven't watched TV in three months, and most of my free time is spent working
on either the Drunken Scribblings or one of my other art projects. The chief reason I'm
drawing and writing all these comics is simple imitation; I read so many webcomics, I pretty
much can't help myself...

Also, I'm currently drummer in a band with Nick, Chris and Dave, which is one of the coolest
things I do...
That's about it for me...


Co-writes: Little Heart
Draws: Little Heart

Age: 18

Education:Currently studying at Liverpool uni, with Rik. I do Maths, with a side of
Other Things:I'm a member of the three coolest societies at the university, those being
Anime, RPG and Cult TV, and so watch ridiculous amounts of Anime, and Cult TV. Yay for tautology.
I don't really play any musical instruments, though I wish I was better at Piano than I am, but that
would involve getting over my amazing apathy, and I can't be bothered ;)
Likes: I like Babylon 5, I also like Cats, Chocolate and Writing, I'm a published Poet, which is
fun, it's an American anthology called Eternal Portraits, should be out at some point, whee! Ok a bit
off topic but who dosn't like to brag? I also like Little Apple Dolls, which are so NOT creepy, they're
pretty! And my friends, duh.
Dislikes:Bananas, can't stand 'em. And Lifts, can't stand them either

Why I'm here: I met Rik on a school trip to new york, I couldn't stand anyone I was
supposed to be walking around with so I just bugged Rik and his friends.. Always a great start
to any friendship. I was showing him some doodles one day and he about exploded from the cuteness..
And so here I am, drawing Little Heart.

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