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Prismatic Vodka


The noble badass, the martial demigod, the victim of circumstance dragged into an ages-old
war by chance, Mike is Our Hero. When he's not busy being sarcastic, teasing Brian, flirting
with Tink and bucking authority, anyway. Possessed of the mother of all mysterious pasts, and
a mysterious future to match it, Mike is still learning about himself, desperately trying to
recover the memories he lost to Prismatic Vodka, and generally is a bit all-round confused.


Brian had the bad luck of encountering and drinking Prismatic Vodka before Mysterious Cloak
Guy could reach him and stop him. Then he had the misfortune to pick Mike as his 'sidekick'.
Then he had the misfortune to wind up in a snarling match with a slightly less dysfunctional,
less magical bear. You get the idea; Brian is one of nature's bitches. Always well-meaning,
always trying to be cheerful, and basically a good person, he is by turns exploited and
sidelined. Poor guy. All he wanted was a cheap drink. Shame he didn't have the brains to
avoid drinking anything green and glowing...


Brainless-but-lucky bimboslut or talented master criminal with a strong libido? You decide.
Tinkerbell, a 40% human, 7% Riesan, 60% Zerflinken from the Union of Fedeva, became caught up
in the gang's adventures after running into Mike and Brian on their first job for Mysterious
Cloak Guy. Initially dragged along as punishment for her crimes, she now stays with the gang
more or less willingly due to her feelings toward Mike, which have her more than a little confused.
Confused enough that she slept with Brian a few weeks ago while Mike was out of action. Poor
emotionally-stunted little psychopath...

Mysterious Cloak Guy

Mysterious Cloak Guy, or Mickey as he prefers not to be known, is the gang's cryptic mentor, given
to mysteriously appearing at random whenever he can get away with it. He has a gift for the
theatric, and enjoys nothing more than handing out incomprehensible mission briefings; the
less the gang knows about what they're supposed to be doing, the more daft they'll look
while doing it, and the more fun he'll have watching.

That said, there's a serious and very dark side to Mickey; for reasons as yet unknown, he has
destroyed whole civilisations. A man (?) devoted entirely to his convictions, a violent and
troubled past has left him scarred and with the weight of a great deal of loss upon his soul.

Little Thing

There is no mystery in Prismatic Vodka more mysterious than Little Thing. Recently revealed to
be part of a set of ancient artefacts which form a weapon known as the Deus Ex Machina, the extent,
nature, and strength of Little Thing's powers are almost entirely unknown. He/it may be an insect, though.

Zobbo the Gobbo


Zobbo is a gutter urchin turned rebel hero, a thrillseeker who gets his biggest kicks playing
Robin Hood. He is one of the best pilots in the Freedom Alliance, an organisation he helped
to create shortly after the Inshan Declaration of Empire twenty years ago. Since then, he
and his friends have fought valiantly against an impressive list of galactic oppressors.
Zobbo's main driving force is his love for the exiled Inshan, Lora, so it is no surprise
that when she disappears, he drops everything to go and look for her.

Marco is the nominal head of the Freedom Alliance; a friend of Zobbo and Lora since the
beginning of the resistance movement, he has been the rock on which they built their temple;
a gifted manager of resources and a compassionate handler of people, Marco nevertheless has
a hard side capable of what might generously be called 'less than moral' behaviour; there
is little he would not do to fulfill what he sees as the revolution's goals.


Soban has been Zobbo's chief rival for many years; the two have fought in a hundred systems,
clashing, it seems, every time Zobbo and his squadron go on a particularly difficult
mission. Soban has a healthy respect for Zobbo and even occasionally admires the Gobbo's
decisions, but their ideological differences make it unlikely that the two will ever see
eye to eye.


One of the mysterious Inshan, Lora is secretive and shy despite having been exiled from the
Inshan psychic internet. Hurt by this unfortunate situation and reclusive by nature, Zobbo
is the only person around whom Lora feels she can be open; though she is open with anyone
who will listen on the subject of her hatred of her species, and she is the most vocal
member of the Freedom Alliance. In many ways, she is the public voice of the Alliance,
travelling the galaxy on her ship, the Talaron, and spreading the word to those who need to
hear it.

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