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This is a links page. It's currently up-to-date with all 100+ webcomics which either
I read on a regular basis or are finished/defunct and I've read everything that's there, and
still think they're worth coming back to.

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The Top Ten

The webcomics I have enjoyed and been influenced by the most:

1: El Goonish Shive
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or sometimes Tues, Thurs, Sat...)
My favourite webcomic; a brilliant mixture of sincere drama, pitch-perfect humour, and
deeply intriguing narrative, with some of the most lovable characters I've ever encountered
(Graaaaaace, we love you!). A spectacularly random experience without which there would
be no Prismatic Vodka at all. Thankyou Dan!

2: Mixed Myth
Updates: it's finished *sniff*
Sadly now complete, this remains one of my favourite strips - and one of the first I got
into reading. One of only two strips to knock me off my chair laughing, purely due to its
spot-on spoofing of the fantasy genre. Well, that, and the giant chicken staying airborne
because it swallowed a couple of giant, floating pufferfish whole... O.o

3: Building 12
Updates: Monday The other strip to knock me off my chair laughing more than once. Possibly the
most bizarre comic about university life ever made. Too many characters, a plot best
described as 'anarchic', a universe where the laws of physics seem to evaporate on the
writer's merest whim; in short, the most fun you can have reading a webcomic of less than
500 pages.

4: Venus Envy
Updates: approximately Monday, Wednesday, Friday
It's about a transsexual. If that doesn't put you off (and it shouldn't), read this strip.
One of the most successfully 'serious' (it's still side-splittingly funny sometimes) comics
I've encountered, and one of the most emotionally intense. Not for the faint of heart, but
a rewarding experience for everyone else.

5: Flint, P.I.
Updates: sadly defunct. RIP Flint!
It's debatable whether Flint is defunct or finished, but either way, it's a brilliant comic
(what's not to like about a 1-drink-drunk PI who does his best work when sober?). It's hard
to make this sound funny the way the previous 4 have, but it works. Ah, hell, just go read

6: Megatokyo
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
The best 2-guys-play-games-and-insult-each-other comic out there, chiefly because it gave up
on the '2-guys...' formula after less than 10 strips and flew the characters to Japan, where
one of them fell in love and the other began a crusade against the zombie invasion of Tokyo.
Or something. Drama, humour and some of the most beautiful art I've ever seen in a
webcomic (don't let Piro tell you otherwise just 'cuz he draws it).

7: Errant Story
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Wins the award for least likely heroes in any webcomic ever (put it this way, the lead
character is out to gain the power of a god so that she can either pass her high school
final year project or level the place and call it graduation). Genius humour, with the
occasional spray of drama thrown in for good measure.

8: Red String
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Soppy romance, but if you're a sap like me, perfectly sweet and very uplifting. The only
romance manga I've read with male characters who aren't socially incompetent or perverted
and female characters who aren't psychotic (so, not exactly realistic ^_-), and worth
reading for that if nothing else.

9: Questionable Content
Updates: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
This is just amusing. Presumably, it's better if you get all the obscure indy-rock
references, but I don't and it's still very very amusing. Though you can cut the sarcasm
with a knife (if it doesn't blunt the knife...).

10: Order of the Stick
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
The first webcomic I ever read, and still just as spot-on as it was a year ago when I
started reading it. An inspired spoof of all things Dungeons and Dragons (and so a little
inaccessible to non-roleplayers), there hasn't been a strip in the full run of almost 250
which hasn't made me laugh enough to brighten the morning. A testament to the potential of
good writing and simple art.

The 'Would have been #11' next 10

These are the strips that just missed out on being included in the top 10 which still
deserve special mention. (insert obligatory 'this list goes up to eleven' joke here)
In no particular order:

The Wotch
There's a girl who gets the powers of a mythical witch called the Wotch and has wacky
adventures with her two best friends. Particularly when she starts changing them into
girls on a whim... it's lots of silly fun.

From the creator of Building 12; a boy racer wakes up one morning to find himself a girl
racer due to a catastrophic celestial filing error. With a drunk, pot-smoking angel his
only hope for salvation and a girl who lost two years of her life in the same error his
only companion, hilarity ensues... along with lots of cars...

Two girls; the tomboyish Bernadette, an incredible swordswoman and knight of virtue, and
Maytag, a schizophrenic, bisexual, vaguely nymphomaniac jester. One guy; Crest, an angsty
teen with a crush on Maytag and no clue what to do with it. Heartfelt and vaguely heart-
warming comedy. What more could you ask?

College Roomies from Hell
Another fantastic strip about wacky, disfunctional college kids. Who get caught up in a war
with the devil. This is after many rounds of angst, romance, conflict with evil-genius
parents, were-coyotes and mutation... Hell, just go read it, it'll all make sense then.

General Protection Fault
I can't even begin to summarise this effectively... there's a group of nerds at a software
company. Nerdy stuff happens. Then it goes weird and there are plots to take over the world.
It's fun, though it's a helluva long slog getting through all the archives.

It's about a superhero whose head is a spork-head. It's by the guy who brought us Flint.
What more could you ask?

Sadly defunct (to the point of not even being online any more) and even at the best of times never very organised, Altermeta still manages to hold a special place in my heart.
I have no idea why, I just love the characters and the situations. Come back, Casey!

Eat The Roses
Another defunct one, Eat The Roses remains on this list because it was the comic which got
me working on 'Swoppaz', the comic which developed into Prismatic Vodka. Also because it's
very very funny in places, the plot is brilliant (if convoluted), and the emotions are
genuinely powerful. Hamstrung a little by the occasional page of lazy art, but still superb.

Something Positive
Yes, it's cranky and miserable and twisted. Yes, the art's a little uninspiring. Yes, it
dwells in a pit of self-loathing and seems dedicated to making mockery of misery. But
there's a little goblin crouching inside of each of us that will love this...

There's nothing I love better than a little religious radicalism; here we have a story about
Jack, the grim reaper and the Sin of Wrath, himself a tortured soul cursed with having to
escort the dead into hell; a long-running meditation on what it is to sin, whether God is
just, and what the hell (pun intended) we can do about it. Has achieved huge things already
and has no excuse to not go on and outdo itself a thousand-fold. Not for the faint-hearted
in any way, however...

And the rest...

Ordinary, slightly nerdy guy and his girlfriend win a starship and go exploring the galaxy.
Manages to parody every sci-fi show I've ever heard of.

Accidental Centaurs
The adventures of two quantum physicists who get turned into centaurs and transported to
a dimension called OtherSpace.

Impressive epic about a girl transported to another world and sucked into a war between
two planets. Currently in a mix of re-runs and original content.

Penny Arcade
The original 2-guys-play-games-and-insult-each-other webcomic. One of the few of that genre
actually worth the time of looking at (though probably not worth the time of reading the 7
years of archives - my eyeballs never recovered)

Wapsi Square
Three twenty-something girls have angst. Also starring a superintelligent dog, the Aztec god
of alcohol, and one massively-overstretched 8-ball t-shirt.

A clueless psychic and a crew of misfits bounce around the galaxy in a sentient ship, trying
to thwart an evil regime.

Apparently, nuclear engineers live very interesting lives. And deaths...

Clan of the Cats
A comic that has changed drastically since it started in 1999. It used to be whimsical, but
has developed into a beautifully-drawn epic of startling proportions.

Two Kinds
Quirkily cute comic about a tigergirl and a human trying to get along when their races would
much rather wipe each other out.

Recently canned due to the author's seeming inability to care about his fans, and sadly missed,
Andiewear is still a very funny comic and great fun to read - though it's best to read Flint
and Sporkman first...

Venus Ascending
Venus Envy in space , and every bit as funny, if not quite so well drawn. Slightly lighter
reading than the original, too.

Penny and Aggie
Popular cheerleader and angsty indie-kid/goth bitch their way through high school together

Poisoned Minds/SSDD
Well, it's an epic. And it's a roommates-annoy-each-other comic. It's rude, violent and
British (which is no bad thing). It's also very entertaining and quite gripping.

Antihero For Hire
A cynical superhero fights crime in a suspiciously gotham-esque city. Comedy villains do
melodrama and are then caught and exchanged for cash with the police.

Lost & Found
A P.I. and his talking dog investigate bizarre cases and engage in cynical social commentary.
Also watch a lot of TV.

Namir Dieter
The trials and tribulations of life in high school for four girls. Okay, so I've lost track
of how many characters there are now, but it started off with four...

Road Waffles
Three bizarre and random stories full of gratuitous nudity and violence, but also brilliantly
funny. The strip that convinced me hand-lettered strips were ok. (mature content)

Girl Genius
I've only read GG101, not the 'Advanced Class', but this is sparklingly-well-drawn comedy
loaded down with interesting ideas.

Devil's Panties
The life and trials of one Jennie Breeden, who seems to live a very interesting, if slightly
fraught and neurotic, life.

Sexy female assassin kills people and tries to flee the country. Finally back in action with
a new artist and possibly a new storyline...

The Wotch: Cheer!
A relatively new spin-off of The Wotch, which has gone from strength to strength. Great fun,
if a little complicated. Read The Wotch first!

Abstract Gender
An up-and-coming TG webcomic, closely related to The Wotch and every bit as funny.

Abby's Agency
Ever wonder what it's like to be a receptionist in a top-secret spy agency? Read and find out!

Fantasy epic, with wry humour when it's not busy being dark and mysterious. Amazing art.

A political comic (which means I miss half the jokes), but if you're into that sort of thing,
very funny.

Inside the Box
A bunch of one-shot images with funny captions. Entertainingly bizarre in the best possible way.

Two Lumps
There are two kinds of cat in the world; the lazy and the evil. Meet Eben (evil) and Snooch (lazy),
and follow them on their wacky adventures...

A webcomic about a library. Libraries, it turns out, are bizarre and interesting places when
you're not paying attention...

Evil, Inc.
An evil company, from the perspective of its employees. Most of whom are quirky. It's fun.

Vinci and Arty
An anthro comic about two gay guys. Endearing, if occasionally a little dark. Cuddly art.

Suburban Jungle
The world of professional models, viewed through the eyes of an anthro comic where the lions
actually do eat the zebras...

You know, it's that comic that everyone on Keenspot borrows characters from. It's a small
local TV station, staffed by household pets. Spot-on satire.

No Room for Magic
The wacky adventures of a magic-hating, black-wearing preteen magician's daughter. Plays off
every cliche going and comes out surprisingly original.

Count Your Sheep
Adorable adventures of 8-year-old Katie and her tangible, rather grown-up imaginary friend,
Ship the sheep.

Sluggy Freelance
What is there to say about Sluggy that hasn't already been said. Absolute gold for the *how* many
years has it been going now?

Aoi House
Two straight guys wind up living in a house with 6 Yaoi fangirls. Hilarity ensues. Possibly a
preview of my life next year...

No Need for Bushido
An epic set in Medieval Japan. Well, kinda epic... in a small, spoof-ish sort of way...

Chasing the Sunset
Two elves, a dragon, and a particularly vicious pixie quest Westward for... oh, I forget.
But any time the pixie thinks up a new trick, I crack up something rotten, so it must be good.

More wacky fun with college roommates. Pretty ordinary most of the time, apart from the flying,
possibly-talking ferret on the run from the squirrel mafia...

Okay, this one all but broke my mind... on page 2, the lead character is hit over the head with
a giant dildo. Then it gets weirder. You have been warned; not for everyone, but great if it is
your thing.

Patchwork Champions
A sprite comic about superheroes and their wacky enemy. Manages to be refreshing in a done-to-death
genre, at least once it gets over the initial batch of jokes every superhero spoof comic has to have
by law.

Soccer is Full of Cheese
This won't appeal to everyone, since the chief appeal is the very very preety boys in it, but if you
like yaoi/shonen-ai manga, right up your street, through the front gate and knocking on your door,
begging you to share in the shiny delights of its preety characters...

Shine Get Dumplings Go-Go Tower
Possibly created as an attempt to win the prize for the webcomic with the weirdest name (finally stealing
the crown from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki), entertaining, if slightly sporadic and rambling, fun.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
What if a boy got turned into a magical girl? Apparently, painfully funny stuff happens. Has its
share of bad-TG-humour moments, but once it gets going, really, really funny (like, Ranma funny...)

At last, an D&D comic which made it past the obvious jokes! Actually quite a serious, dark story about
a tribe of goblins and their struggle to stay alive in the D&D universe. Some scenes of horrible, nasty
web-MA violence...

Shonen-ai Kudasai!
Another homosexual comic. Often chibified, often unbearably cute, sometimes very silly. Very inoffensive.

Alpha Shade
Serious graphic novel. I have no idea what's going on, but it could develop into a really fantastic story.

Blue Crash Kit
Three Superheroes. Wacky Adventures. Tim Curry's brother. Redneck ninja cyborg monkeys.

Gaming Guardians
Well, it started as a RPG comic, but now it's an epic suphero comic-type-thingie. Powerful writing.

MegaTokyo with Macs, and slightly shinier art.

Sci-fi epic with gay romance. Complex and engaging.

Scary Go Round
Very very strange; an ordinary English town... where weird stuff happens on a regular basis.

Mystic Revolution
Set in a MMORPG, a sword-wielding psycho chick and a dorky ninja try to keep their heads while
they sort out what their hearts are telling them.

Ganbare! Shimura-san
Poor Shimura... Just after finding himself a job at a top photography company, he gets sucked
into the crazy schemes of a sociopathic model...

Something Happens
Quirky 1-shot comics about the strangeness of human existence, from the guy who does Newshounds.

Ctrl Alt Del
Another gaming comic, but a bit weirder, cleverer and more off-beat than most.

Impy and Aevy
Impy is a wannabe witch. Aevy is a gothy artist. Strange things happen to both.

Strange Candy
Half a dozen anime stereotypes get sucked into a series of anime-style worlds. Spot-on parody from
start to present.

Anime Arcadia
What do you do when the cat-girl you've just drawn comes to life (other than wish you'd drawn her
with bigger boobs, that is ^_-)?

Elf Life
Epic fantasy, while remaining light-hearted and humorous. On indefinite hiatus.

Serious, angsty epic fantasy manga.

Slightly Damned
In the Hell of the Slightly Damned (couldn't get to heaven, not rotten enough for hell), it's
usually pretty dull... apart from the machinations of the three insane guardian demons...

Nazi High
School-set bad-taste comedy. Potentially offensive to delicate sensibilities.

Dr. Devious vs. Lincoln High
The evil Dr. Devious is released on probation on the condition that he does community service
at a high school where his arch-nemesis also works. Hilarity ensues.

Gunmetal Annie
Sci-fi adventure; our heroes flee persecution on Earth to live as fugitives in a star-faring
society which frowns on the human race.

Four artistic orphans, one of who hides a dark secret, are sucked into some sort of bizarro
world. Destined for great things.

Flint Again
Prequel to Flint, P.I.; Basil Flint takes his first stumbles into the world of private investigation.

Temuran my love
A sweet romantic comedy where it just so happens that the boy and his brother are djinni...

Lowroad 75
Adventures of a magic-wielding, gothy high-schooler, her friends, and her demon-possessed pig plushy.

Post-Nuke Comic
In the aftermath of a nuclear armageddon, one man wanders, Mad-Max-like, through the nuclear winter,
scrounging what he can and fighting for his life.

Sharing a Universe
An elven princess runs away from an arranged marriage, skips worlds, and winds up in modern New York.

High-school Manga with hints of developing into an epic.

The Wings of Change
Fantasy it-might-be-an-epic-but-it-doesn't-really-go-anywhere; a ranger and a grumpy dragon adopt
a bunch of young pixies (the most dangerous creatures in reality if you ever give them sugar...)

Van Von Hunter
Being the adventures of one Van Von Hunter, utterly clueless demon-hunter.

A Modest Destiny
Fantasy epic, with video-game and fantasy-genre parody.

Basil Flint's sister Felicity, a secret agent and all-round loose cannon, fights crime and,
occasionally, her own boss.

Queen of Wands
Kestrel is a slightly quirky twenty-something dealing with growing up and the fact that her
two best friends are way ahead of her on that score.

Be Mine
Absolutely stereotypical shojo manga, but very well-executed.

Boy Meets Boy
Complex gay love story between a rich artist and a rock singer. Often very, very funny.

File 49
Serious graphic novel about a group of psychic children and the scientists who created them.

Fantasy; too early to say more, but an interesting art style.

Indefensible Positions
Kinda complicated philosophical thingy, with the oddest bunch of superheroes ever (not
counting The Invisibles). Interesting and well-written.

Hard to explain the appeal of this one; a childish robot, a deliberately immoral alien and a
strictly moral Bowman's Wolf have wacky adventures while trying to fix their ship and get it

Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T.
Imagine Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki if Yuuki had started off female and his/her magical
form was an metal ant-mecha. Side-splitting, and beautifully drawn

Ooops, Nevermind
The ordinary lives of three college kids (approx), who share a house with a time-traveller
from the 29th century, a hallucinogen-breathing dragon, and IV (pronounced 'four'), which is
approximately a cannibalistic rabbit.

The Mansion of E
There's a really big mansion. With a lot of weird stuff in the basement...

Emergency Exit
Meet Eddie, the man who loudly declares on page one 'The world doesn't revolve around you!'.
To the sun.

Serious graphic novel, just starting out, with art by the Mixed Myth guy. Complex and intriguing,
with hints of humour here and there.

Gunnerkrigg Court
Okay, I can't figure this one out; there's a weird school, and a little girl, and strange
adventures. It's a bit like Scary-Go-Round, only easier to keep track of. Efficiently told.

Least I Could Do
Okay, this is about a man who has a lot of sex. Lots and lots of fanservice for the guys, huge
chauvinism, and a spectacular range of female characters with just enough girl power to keep
Rayne playing by their rules, which saves the whole thing from being lost to misogyny.

Fainting Spells
Stunningly well-drawn, distinctive comic by my good friend Biev. Eerie, slow-paced and exceptionally

There's a Civilisation on My Fork
If the title doesn't sell you on this comic, nothing well, but it's good enough that it's not
completely what you expect.

No Crap!
A complex graphic novel about a shy young man and his relationship with a severely depressed
musician. With the advantage of a hilarious supporting cast which save it from morbidity and
too much darkness

Between Two Worlds
Complex fantasy story about a bunch of friends who inadvertantly find their way into a dark,
hostile alternate world. Sounds like a cliche? It's not, and the art is stunning with it.

Not for kids. A brutal, darkly hilarious story of the interweaving lives of three assassins.
With a supporting cast of similar whackjobs. Brilliant

Fantasy epic in the Mixed Myth tradition, but not quite that good. A lively cast, well-suited
art style, and clever, sharp writing.

Too early to say with this one yet - it's only three pages old as I write, but apparently it's
about a guy who gets stuck in the wrong world with a cat to guide him...

The Vial
Excellent spin-off of Gaming Guardians about a pizza delivery guy who gets soul-tied to a demon.

Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy
It's a magical-girl story with the twist that to attain her magical form, GPCB has to eat lots.
Not for kids, as it verges on pornography a few times and makes a whole bunch of nasty fat jokes,
but if you take it with a pinch of salt it's pretty enjoyable.

The Lounge
Well, there's some fanservice, and some more fanservice, and there might be a plot about a gaming
store in there somewhere. Did I mention the fanservice?

Blade of Toshubi
Anthro fantasy epic with some amusing romcom elements. Part of the Halloween Cameo Caper '06

One of the best-written webcomics I've seen in terms of character depth. Currently not updating.

Life and Death
Meet Death. His name in Steve, and he's pretty much your typical office worked. Well, apart from the whole scythe-and-cloak thing... Part of the Halloween Cameo Caper '06

The KAMics
A bunch of random stories and gags from the mind of KAM (who you can find in Prismatic Vodka
here). Part of the Halloween Cameo Caper '06.
Magical Misfits
Enchanting fantasy epic with impressive art, which just happens to feature Brian's true love. Part of the Halloween Cameo Caper '06

Another college-kids-are-quirky comic, but with some genuinely quirky characters and some
seriously funny jokes (yuppie naming syndrome, anyone?) to back it up.

Legostar Galactica
Star Wars meets Star Trek meets Lost in Space. Made *entirely out of lego*

Sailor Sun
Another TG comic, relatively young, but funny and very cute. The 'narrator' is a particularly
entertaining twist on the formula. Part of the Halloween Cameo Caper '06

Reckless Youth
Truly ridiculous story of the demon-fighting messiah.. who is also a 20-something British slacker...

Mark II
Boy gets turned into a computer program after a car accident leaves him in a coma. Has teen angst. Humour occurs

Captain August
Meet Captain August, the delusional captain of a 300-some mile high ship, who is on a 300-mile journey from where he docked to the bridge at the far end. Bizarre adventures interrupt him regularly

Darian's Friends
Normally I don't like sprite comics, but Darian's sprites are impressively high detail and, once you get past the choppy first thirty strips, the writing is good and the characters are all entertaining. Part of the Halloween Cameo Caper '06

z0mg! The Comic
Leading light of the latest generation of webcomics (it's about two months old), a visual punk- opera of a superhero comic. Hallucinogenically brilliant.

Warning! Explicit adult content! But behind the pr0n, there's a serious and heartfelt (if determinedly light-hearted) story bubbling away. Part of the Halloween Cameo Caper '06

Fallen Angels Used Books
Serious graphic novel involving angels, demons, imps, goblins and the lot, all centred around a couple of strong-hearted, ordinary human beings trying to make their way in the world.

Reckless Youth spin-off. Hellboy parody. The Story of a very large, very pink man. What more plugging could this possibly need?

Parallel Dementia
Brilliant demon-fighting epic. Beautiful art.

Intense, heartfelt romantic drama between three college friends. Brilliant in every way, except for the fact that it's now finished.

Circle Arcadia
Fantasy epic. Quality art, interesting characters. Currently stalled

It's Walky/Joyce and Walky
One of the oldest webcomics still going, and an absolute classic. The heart-warming story of two kids and their long, torturous struggle to save the world sort out their feelings for each other. While saving the world. From a cheese.

Just Another Escape
Sparkling, beautifully-drawn comic. Too young to say anything about the plot, but it looks like it's destined for huge things

Coiling Spine
Post-apocalyptic fantasy about some demons who go rogue and try to bring about a new world order.

Descriptions you never thought you'd use: A Graphic Design epic. On the one hand, it's an
office romance/drama. On the other it's a conspiracy theory epic about the battle between Apple
and Microsoft. On both sides it's sublime

Tales of the Travelling Gnome
OMFG the shiny! One of the best-drawn comics on the web. Woefully short as yet.

Beyond Reality
Brother and sister get sucked to a different world to avoid a car crash. Have to take the long
way home. Hilarious and adorable.

Out There
Miriam is on her way across the US to take up a job working for a friend, and to hook up with
her new internet boyfriend, when she picks up oddball John, who, for want of anything better
to do, is hiking in much the same direction. A work of sublime depth in writing terms.

Tales of Pyles
Beautiful art and an intriguing adventure storyline. Still young, but captivating.

The latest in a series of comics, this is the story of a US marine who gets sucked into a fantasy
world and discovers he is a prophesied saviour. If you can take his arrogance with a pinch of salt,
it's beautifully-drawn, often very funny, reading.

The Green Avenger
The trials and tribulations of the Green Avenger and friends. Nothing massively original, but
everything about it is very well done, and the romance is cuter than average.

The Hero's Handbook
Another comic that parodies fantasy stereotypes, but the parodies are simultaneously a bit more biting and a bit less cliched than the rest of the pack. Plus, the art's shiny and the gags are hilarious.

Two high school boys try to work out their feelings for each other against a background of the
usual high school prejudice. Be warned: you will hate a lot of the minor characters.

Ugly Girl
Biting high-school satire, with a simple, but beautifully well-executed art style.

Bad Ass Muthas
A sort of gangsta-style fantasy epic with furries, priests and demons. Brilliant art style,
particularly for conveying action sequences

Hell's Corners
Stunningly original take on the guys-in-hell subgenre of fantasy webcomic, with incredibly
stylish art as well.

More to come, I'm sure, but this is all the ones I'd recommend at the moment.

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